Antennas And Antenna Design

Free antenna designs:

Hyperlink Tech:

Pasadena Networks LLC:


Unofficial NEC2 code archives:

USB WiFi dish designs:

Network Troubleshooting Tools

Bing throughput measurement 

Cacti network monitoring package:

DSL Reports bandwidth speed tests: EtherApe network traffic monitor: 

Flowc open source NetFlow collector:

iptraf network diagnostic tool:

My TraceRoute network diagnostic tool:

Nagios network monitoring and event notification tool:

NetFlow: the Cisco protocol for collecting IP traffic information:

ngrep network security utility for finding patterns in data flows: 

Network monitoring implementation guides and tutorials: 

Ntop network monitoring tool:

SoftPerfect network analysis tools:

Squid transparent http proxy HOWTO:

Wireshark network protocol analyzer:







Mod Security:







AntiProxy http proxy circumvention tools and information:

Anti-spyware tools:

Driftnet network monitoring utility:

Introduction to OpenVPN:

Linux security and admin software:

OpenSSH secure shell and tunneling tool: 

OpenVPN encrypted tunnel setup guide: Privoxy filtering web proxy:

PuTTY SSH client for Windows:

Sawmill log analyzer:

Security of the WEP algorithm:

Stunnel Universal SSL Wrapper:

TOR onion router:

Weaknesses in the Key Scheduling Algorithm of RC4:

Windows SCP client:

Your 802.11 Wireless Network has No Clothes:

ZoneAlarm personal firewall for Windows:



Captive Portals: CoovaChilli: CoovaAP ( WiFidog (

M0n0wall: pfSense ( 


Win SCP:


OpenVPN Journal:



Bandwidth Optimisation

Cache hierarchies with Squid:

dnsmasq caching DNS and DHCP server:

Enhancing International World Wide Web Access in Mozambique Through the Use of Mirroring and Caching Proxies:

Fluff file distribution utility:

Linux Advanced Routing and Traffic Control HOWTO:

Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server:

Microsoft ISA Server Firewall and Cache resource site:

Optimising Internet Bandwidth in Developing Country Higher Education:

Planet Malaysia blog on bandwidth management:

RFC 3135: Performance Enhancing Proxies Intended to Mitigate Link-Related Degradations:

Squid web proxy cache:

Mesh Networking

Freifunk OLSR mesh firmware for the Linksys WRT54G:

MIT Roofnet Project:

OLSR mesh networking daemon: 

AirJaldi Mesh Router: 

Open WRT:

Village Telco:

Wireless Operating Systems And Drivers

DD-WRT wireless router OS:

HostAP wireless driver for the Prism 2.5 chipset:

m0n0wall wireless router OS:

MadWiFi wireless driver for the Atheros chipset: Metrix Pyramid wireless router OS: 

OpenWRT wireless router OS for Linksys access points:

Tomato wireless router OS for Linksys access points:

Wireless Tools

Chillispot captive portal:

Interactive Wireless Network Design Analysis Utilities: 

KisMAC wireless monitor for Mac OS X:

Kismet wireless network monitoring tool:

MacStumbler wireless network detection tool for Mac OS X:

NetStumbler wireless network detection tool for Windows:

Netspot wireless network detection for Mac OS X: 

PHPMyPrePaid prepaid ticketing system: 

RadioMobile radio performance modeling tool:

Radio Mobile online:

Wellenreiter wireless network detection tool for Linux:

WiFiDog captive portal:


WiSpy spectrum analysis tool:

Spectrum Analyser:

"RF Explorer model 2.4G":


General Wireless Related Information

Homebrew wireless hardware designs:

Linksys wireless access point information:

Linksys WRT54G resource guide:

Ronja optical data link hardware:

SeattleWireless community wireless group:

SeattleWireless Hardware comparison page:

Stephen Foskett's Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Calculator:

White Spaces project:

General Computing Tools

File sharing:

Open Relay testing:

Disk imaging:

Networking Services And Training

Wireless Toolkit: consultancy and services: 

Wireless Lab and training at ICTP: 


Network Startup Resource Center: Oregon:


6Deploy (EC FP7 project):

Association for Progressive Communications wireless connectivity projects:

International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications:

Makere University: Uganda:

Access Kenya ISP:

Broadband Access Ltd. wireless broadband carrier:

Virtual IT outsourcing:

Collection of looking glasses:

Regional Internet Registrars







IPv6 Transitioning

RIPE IPv6 transiton:

Test your IPv6:

IPv6 Deployment status: 

Dynamic Routing Protocols

OSPF Design guide:

Solar Panel Design

Low resolution PSH maps/calculation tools:

Highlands And Islands project:


Solar Design:

Miscellaneous Links

Cygwin Linux-like environment for Windows: Graphviz network graph visualization tool: ICTP bandwidth simulator: ImageMagick image manipulation tools and libraries:

NodeDB war driving map database:

Partition Image disk utility for Linux: 

RFC 1918: Address Allocation for Private Internets:

Rusty Russell's Linux Networking Concepts: 

Ubuntu Linux:

VoIP-4D Primer:

wget web utility for Windows:

ISO Standard: